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Friday, December 1, 2017

George Hadley

        George Hadley was born on February 12, 1685 in London, England. He was known as an English physicist and a meteorologist. He was elected as a fellow of the royal society. Meaning he helped improved natural knowledge. Hadley was the one who made the first study of trade winds. His life as meteorologist was interesting and he was an amateur at the time. Hadley suggested the atmospheric mechanism by which the trade winds are uninterrupted. This is known as the Hadley circulation. The trade winds are winds that prevail through most of the tropics, blowing mostly from the northeast from the northern hemisphere and the southeast from the southern hemisphere. Trade winds help sailors move from place to place because without it, they would float. It also helps planes take off but if planes takeoff into the wind then it would cost more fuel. George Hadley died on June 28, 1768.
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